I was recently diagnosed with Trigeminal Neurologia and read Botox could help. I went to see Dr. LeVeen without telling him what was wrong with me for fear of being turned away (Botox is still in the trial stages for this disease) .
The moment Dr. LeVeen walked into the room and started talking to me I fell in love with his caring highly intelligent personality (I actually started crying because I felt like he was willing to take the time to help me).
So long story short. He actually told me there are a few really good surgeons he knows of and he would help me get more information as to how to get there and get treatment. Listen no regular stranger does this for a random first time patient.
So long story short he said he couldn’t do Botox for me because he doesn’t know how it will help. He said he would help me get a referral to a neurosurgeon if I got him my medical records. WHO DOES THIS for a stranger!!!!!! Listen I truly believe he is a gift from god a true honest man. He didn’t want my money. He could have given me Botox and sent me on my way. Instead he told me I could contact him whenever I wanted to check up on the status of getting into a neurosurgeon.
So this is where it gets good I promise! I go home and I decided to call him back to ask him the names of the doctors who could help me. He gives me their names and says listen I have been researching TN and I could give you Botox for it. It might help it might not this is my first time reading up on it. So I got in my car drove back there and he gave me Botox. I don’t know if it will help but he took the time to research it and print out studies for me on it!!! He is an AMAZING MAN! He is also is a history guru which is pretty cool. He knows all about my home country Croatia :)))) I highly recommend him.