Our body releases less collagen and elastin as we get older. Collagen is an essential component of having better and healthier elastic skin. Having less of these two components can lead to skin losing volume, causing it to sag and form deep fine lines and folds. These folds are most noticeable around the mouth, known as nasolabial folds. The fold around the chin is often referred to as turkey neck.  

There are multiple surgical and non-surgical remedies to help minimize sagging and increase volume. InMode now offers a non-surgical skin tightening therapeutic approach for those who want to boost collagen production and improve skin elasticity.

Forma by InMode

InMode Forma is an auto-adjusting skin procedure known for its best work: stimulation of new collagen and improving elasticity. It leads to tighter skin, especially on the face area and other small body parts. 

It can provide optimum comfort and maximum safety experience using its radio frequency, which flows between the electrodes. Its built-in thermal control system allows the operator to have full control over the process, which guarantees that there will be no under or over-treated area. 

During the procedure, radiofrequency infiltrates deep into the skin, causing heat to be generated. It helps increase the skin’s collagen and redesigns into a new functional structure due to this subcutaneous heating. As a result, Forma’s RF technology enables collagen fibers to reorganize into more consistent lines, eliminating the appearance of wrinkles and improving skin texture.

Furthermore, Forma is the only product that can be exposed for an extended period at therapeutic temperatures that can be attained rapidly and evenly.

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Body Areas Forma Can Treat

Forma is used to toughen and revitalize skin on both the face and the body. Treatment areas include:

  • Forehead. Lifts the eyebrow and tightens the skin on the forehead.
  • Underneath the eyes. Thickens and fortifies the delicate skin while softening fine lines.
  • Cheeks. Provides a slight lift and enhances the visual effect of enlarged pores and tightening the top cheek skin.
  • Mid-face or jawline. Firms the jawline by tightening sagging skin and reducing jowls.
  • Mouth area. Plumping and firming the skin around the mouth and lessening laugh lines.
  • Neck. Tightens the skin and smoothes outlines.
  • Body. Treatment can be applied to different areas of the body.

Facts About Forma

Forma offers an exciting skin therapeutic approach. For those interested in learning more about Forma skin tightening.

It’s a Popular Method for Getting Younger Skin

Several people are skeptical that you can achieve the effects of youthful skin without undergoing surgery. However, if you look at any Forma treatment before and after photographs, you’ll find that it can compete with even the most widely known rejuvenation techniques. It’s because skin tightening is an excellent way to fight the negative effects of aging, specifically fine lines and sun exposure. Most notably, Forma can specifically target areas, targeting the most critical locations.

Fractora Is Not the Same as Forma

Many folks think that Forma and Fractora are similar things. However, while they share some characteristics, they are different procedures.

Both Forma and Fractora use radiofrequency to heat the depth layers of the skin. The disparity is that Fractora uses microneedles and lasers. It indicates that, on the invasiveness scale, Fractora is slightly extra invasive than Forma. However, it’s much less invasive than injection or surgical options. Nonetheless, both are excellent choices, but Forma provides a non-invasive option when excessive downtime isn’t a choice.

Prominent People trust Forma

Although Forma is a new procedure, numerous celebrities have indeed wholeheartedly supported it as combining convenience and efficiency in maintaining skin young. Kim Kardashian, Ashley Tisdale, and Lauren Kitt Carter were amongst the celebrities who swear by Forma. For famous people who would like to look much younger, Forma facials are one of the most effective weapons in their arsenal.

Benefits of Forma

Here are the amazing benefits of Forma:

  1. Forma’s radiofrequency system attacks deep layers of the skin, which enhances its elasticity, resulting in it becoming tighter.
  2. As Forma toughens and tones loose skin, especially on the jawline, neck, and chin, it can result in a contoured face.
  3. Forma also helps firm the skin, making deep wrinkles look less prominent.
  4. Collagen is the key to youthful skin. Forma activates collagen production, resulting in tighter, toned skin.
  5. Forma can provide long-lasting results by improving overall skin health resulting in much tighter, brighter, and firmer skin.

Forma is a maintenance application, not a permanent fix. You will recognize progress after every session until you achieve your desired results. Once you’ve achieved your desired significant improvement, you can keep the outcome by scheduling continuous treatment.

Forma needs appropriate upkeep. You and your provider will be capable of determining how frequently you have to undertake multiple treatments to preserve results. As you grow older, you may necessitate this kind of treatment to keep as much of your skin’s tightness, and elasticity as technology enables.

This treatment is one of the most secure body contouring and skin tightening tools available. Unlike some other laser processes, Forma is FDA-approved and can be used on any skin type.

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Forma is an excellent choice for everyone seeking non-surgical skin tightening and enhanced elasticity on their body. This treatment is appropriate for all skin colors and types and can be used on anybody to accomplish a tighter, more textured look. Forma should never be seen as a losing weight method and should not be used in place of a workout or a healthy diet. However, it should be used in conjunction with all these things to obtain a competitive advantage.

Forma is very promising, and we have satisfied many patients in Palo Alto. Call us now and talk to one of our highly-skilled experts.

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