At this time, the therapy is not covered by insurance. Patients are welcome to submit their own claim to the insurance company for possible coverage.

There is no pain associated with the acoustic wave therapy. The patient may feel some discomfort depending on the tissue pathology and or trauma to the affected area.
Cost is determined by the physician depending on the severity of the SHIM score and individual cases. The average cost of the therapy is $5,000 dollars.

The average course of treatment takes 8-10 weeks. Each therapy session takes approximately 20 minutes.

Patients have reported results lasting for 2-3 years. However, by addressing the underlying problems, it may last much longer.

The treatment is performed twice a week for 8 -10 weeks. The treatment can be done once a week, but will increase the time to wellness and is not recommended.

While no results are guaranteed, as with any medical procedure. The success rate is about 80%.

No, they do not. During the initial consultation, Dr.Leveen will go over and recommend medications which will help improve and maximize patient outcome.

No, all patient care is highly confidential and will not be discussed with your primary care unless there is a conflict with therapy